Rocky Dawuni, John McKnight, Michael McTaggart, Mark London Sims and Evan Christopher Greer about to hit the stage at the Lincoln Center Atrium in New York City.

Mark London Sims, Jerry Miller, Doug Sanborn, Moises Casillas, Kevin T. Williams

Pan-A-Cea: Wendy Harrison, Russ Henry, Mark London Sims, Derek Brewster

The Key Frances Band in England: Michael 'Jumbo Funk' Turner, Key Frances, Mark London Sims

Mark Nauseef, Jeff Brenner, C. K. Ganyo and Mark London Sims at CalArts.

photo: Abigail Caro

Sapadilla in Las Vegas: Mark London Sims, Derek Brewster, Einstein Brown, Cecil 'Sensi' Francis and Haile Blackman

Neck N Neck in Chicago: Andy Strasmich, Joe Caploe, Mark London Sims, Rob Block, Leonice Shinneman

BouJouBumBastick: Badialy Cissoko,  Marcus L. Miller, Mark London Sims

The Beyond Video Group: John L. Price, Mark London Sims, David Ornette Cherry

KFB at Belgian Rhythm and Blues Festival, Peer, Belgium

Rocky Dawuni on tour in Europe. (l to r) Rocky Dawuni, Felicia 'Onyi' Richards, Ed 'Pookie' Dixon, Mark London Sims, Ijeoma Njaka, Michael Hyde, Jaman Laws, Sam Wright

Pan Dulce: Ricky Rodriguez, Mark London Sims, Dexter Story, Alan Mark Lightner, Damon Aaron, Davey Chegwidden

Dark with John Bergamo (far right)

The Untouchables: (l to r) Timothy Moynahan, Mark London Sims, Danny Moynahan, Jerry Miller, Moises Casillas, Goerge Hughes Jr., Doug Sanborn

Dark: (from top clockwise) Leonice Shinneman, Miroslav Tadic, Mark Nauseef, Mark London Sims

Michael 'Jumbo Funk' Turner, Noriko Olling, Jacquelyn Levy, Mark London Sims

TransPhat Trio on tour in Italy: Mark London Sims, Henrik Engqvist, Chris Clermont

Macaw: (l to r) Mark London Sims, Albert 'Tootie' Heath, Francis Awe, Khalid Abdullah, Dominic Grant and Kemang Sunduza.

The Nels Cline Trio: Michael Preussner, Nels Cline, Mark London Sims