‘Polarity’ by Joe Caploe, the one on the right, with Leonice Shinneman; the Djalokit World Jazz Trio.
© JoeCaploe/Nextagem

Mark London Sims on Fretless Bass

  • Birdboy4:45
  • Polarity3:38
  • About to Fall7:12

Don Cherry featuring The Beyond Video Group doing ‘Birdboy’ by Nana Vasconcelos

Jacquelyn Levy duets with MLS on the intro to ‘Love Is Where You Find It.’

The Red Hill Quartet was selected for The Los Angeles County Arts Commission Musician’s Roster. Here’s an improv called ‘About To Fall.
(l to r) Rickey Luther, Anand Bennett, Leonice Shinneman,  Harvey Lane and Mark London Sims.